10 Most Popular Sports In Ghana According To Ghana Sports News

Like other countries of Africa, Ghana also a country which has football as its dominated sports. The national football team of Ghana known as ‘The Black Stars’ is the four-time winner of the African Cup Of Nations. According to Ghana Sports News, along with the football, there is a gradual increase in the other sports as well. People in the world have a view that Ghanaians have craze only for one game and that is football. Well, this is not the case now. Here in this narrative, we will tell you about 10 most popular games of this country along with foot. Read on!

1)  Football

Football is the topmost game of Ghana and the country's excellent performance in the Football cup in 2010 has taken the interest of the people in this sport many notches higher. You will find the football stadiums in every nook and corner of the country. The national team of Ghana ‘The Black Stars’ is admired all over the world. You can watch the matches or practice sessions of the team in clubs here.

2)  Weightlifting

People of Ghana have been attracted to bodybuilding for a long time. One can find a gym at several places all over the country. We are talking about urban areas of the nation. The craze of weightlifting is so much that weight-lifting nowadays has taken a professional turn. With the increase in people’s interest in this game, some people have opened a gym at their own house. Even the houses are equipped with modern equipment which helps the aspirants to prepare and learn the sport. Many competitions are held for weightlifting in the year. Today, weightlifting ranks among one of the loved sports in Africa.

3)  Hiking

The natural beauty of Ghana is just stupendous when it comes to beautiful mountains in the country. Therefore, according to them, people have developed a keen interest in hiking. Easy hiking in the low trails is available in the beach and forests. Having said that, there is another level of some strenuous hiking which is carried in the Ghana sports news areas of Tano Sacred Grove, Tongo on the north side and many more locations.

4)  Boxing

There is a hype in the popularity of boxing as many Olympic boxers have their roots in Ghana. There are more than 50 clubs where professional boxing training is provided to the aspirants. This game came into existence in the country in the 1950s. Since that time, the charm of this sport has not faded away even a single bit from people’s mind. James Toen and Usher Town in Accra has the maximum number of boxing aficionados in the country. There are different types of boxing that are taught in the clubs available here. People of Ghana take full advantage of these clubs and this is why Ghana is known at the global level for producing boxing champions.

5)  Surfing

There are beaches in the country which will give you the adrenalin rush with the surfing activities that are carried here. Black Star surf shop in Safua is one of the most famous place for carrying the surfing and other water activities. The Black Star is known for carrying the best and clean practices for water sports and is one of the popular tourist attractions a well. Motorboats are also rented where people enjoy terrific rides in the sea.

6)  Paragliding

People of Ghana are crazy for flying like birds in the natural surroundings of this beautiful country. This statement bears testimony as paragliding is one of the sports activity here about which people are most enthusiastic about. The Kwaha Plateau is the host of this exciting activity. People from around the world visit Kwaha Plateau to get the best experience in Paragliding.  You can have the awesome bird’s eye view of the natural locations with this activity. The thing to remember is that if you want to have a taste of this activity, do not forget to pre-book.

7)  Fishing

Recent sports news in Ghana has shown that people have nowadays developed a deep interest in fishing activities. There are lots and lots of varieties that are available for this activity. For example, you can pull the net with local fishermen or you can learn the spearfishing with the experts. Team competitions for fishing are held here to bring fun in this activity at special occasions. There are other long sea excursions where one can discover the sea and also learn the fishing in the deep waters of the ocean. Fishing in the ocean is really a thrilling experience.

8)  Polo

The two popular horseback trails namely The Accra Polo Club and Laka Bosumtwi cater to the Polo sport hear. Not only professional Polo Sport, but normal horseriding are also available. There are many other trails that host a competition of racing through horseriding and other related fun activities. You can even watch the professional Polo sportsmen in their full glory and can enjoy the game from distance. Moreover, if you want to learn Polo, this facility is also available.

9)  Rock Climbing

There are many rock formations in the country which facilitates the rock climbing. No matter you are an amateur or a learned professional, the rock climbing here is fun for everyone. Climbing those green and adventurous mountains amidst the beautiful birds is like worshipping nature closely. However, you should always ask for the medical aid and other safety measures while choosing a place for rock climbing in the country. The locals of the country living in mountainous areas are expert in this. With the professional guides, one can take the necessary tips from them a well.

10)  Swimming

Swimming is another water sport which has a substantial popularity. Normally, pools are available in the hotels where you can go for calm swimming. But the real thrill comes by swimming in the natural water bodies. Some beaches in the country cater to this desire. Professionals take people along with them for swimming in the ocean and other lakes and small water bodies. This is just like a trip to nature. You can see the fishes and other different water animals with your own naked eye. This would definitely make you wonder about nature’s bounty in deep waters.