10 Profitable Business Ideas In Ghana

The Latest News In Ghana has something very interesting to tell. Ghana at the current time has many opportunities from a business point of view. There is much business right now which are just developing and have a promising future. In this post, we will be highlighting some of them where you can have a chance of success.

1)     Chocolate Processing

It is astonishing to know that world’s 70% of cocoa is produced in Ghana. One must think that even after this, why the name Africa does not come to mind when there is a talk about chocolates? This is because Africa exports its cocoa in the raw form to another country where they are processed. Then these countries manufacture chocolates giving them the name of their own country. One can now imagine what a profit can be bestowed upon a person who could get involved in a business of exporting processed chocolates to the world from Ghana? Yes, this is one of the most profitable business. There are few individuals who have started this business at the very basic level from their own home kitchen and today their profits are touching the sky. You can try this if you want to make huge profits.

2)     Basic Household Business

It may sound little peculiar but yes there is a huge opportunity in the household world from business' perspective. Nowadays, parents in families are involved in jobs and they face problems in carrying task like picking child from school, supporting household chores etc. The people who can do these work as a house supporter are greatly in demand. If one is skilled in such work, one can make a huge amount of money by working door to door. The work may include babysitting, giving tuitions and some more. One can make a handsome amount of money. Later, one can establish a business by involving more people in such work and supply supporters for the household jobs.

4)    Livestock Farming

There is a plethora of stomach to feed on a daily basis in Ghana. According to the latest news in Ghana about business, the livestock farming is a growing one. Presently, it has been observed that people in Ghana do not know the technical skills to carry this business. If you have the needed skills like how to raise the poultry animals, the care and could provide help in the specific breed needs of animals etc. you can earn a great profit. You can nurture the livestock and then send them to the market for selling. This business is never gonna die because people of Ghana are not going to quit eating anyway.

5)    Herbal Medicine Production

Ghana is a fertile land to grow herbs. It has been also found that more and more people of Ghana opt for herbal medicines as these are more effective than the conventional English medicines. Some Ghanaians even claim that some of the diseases can only be cured by using herbal medicines/. Also, people in Ghana love to be natural and so herbal medicines are preferred here. You can try to grow herbs for manufacturing these medicines or you can open a manufacturing plant for herbal medicines. The demand is growing rapidly with each day and also the customer base for these medicines. Therefore, it is safe and definitely a business which will not die soon. You can have quick returns in this arena.

6)    Safaris

Ghana is famous for its natural beauty and wildlife. You can use this as an opportunity to earn some bucks. You can provide your vehicle for safari tours if you have one. Slowly, by earning money, you can have a range of vehicles and would be able to rent lots of them for safari tours to the tourists. Would it no be great to promote the tourism of your place simultaneously making quick money?

7)    Fruits And Juice Supply

Ghana has a wide range of fruits in its soil. These days people are very conscious of their diet and this is why fruits and fresh fruit juice are in great demand. Begin this business as a small stall in front of an office and within months you will definitely be able to have a chain of your own fruits and juice business. This is because from office workers to households, there are people who consume fresh fruits on a daily basis. You can even get a contract for providing juice on a daily basis in some office from your storer. Therefore, this is a very lucrative business if balanced in a correct manner.

8)     Real Estate

The latest news in Ghana tells that there is a huge investment in properties these days. In huge amounts, people of Ghana are buying the residential properties per year. The residential properties in the form of plots, apartments, and villas are sold in huge numbers. The second dominated is the commercial properties. People are establishing their business at a very quick pace today and for this they need properties. Therefore, business properties are also sold and bought at a very quick pace and people involved in this business are making huge profits. Therefore if you have a property to sell, you can make use of it and start dealing with property.  You can also become a professional mediator and share the profits. This is really a high money making business in which people are making lots and lots of bucks.

9)    Mining

Ghana is blessed with nature's bounty in this realm. There are huge deposits of gold, coal, iron, and bauxite in Ghana. If you have a team and correct equipment, you can make a decent amount of money in the mining sector. You can even join the government forces for this purpose as the government is welcoming any sort of help in the mining sector at contemporary times in Ghana. People can either supply the mined products to private platforms or can even get a deal with government platform in this realm.

10)    Courier Service

There are still only a handful of courier services in Ghana. People still find sending important items with security difficult. You just need some delivery boys and a correct method to start this service. It requires a little bit investment but will surely give you a boost in monetary terms in the long journey.