I’m not impressed with our independence – David Oscar

“Low, little or no promotions of the Arts whatsoever. 61 years on and my country still has no streamlined system to tell me how many times my music has been played and on which media platforms around the country so I can earn my full royalties.  Until we get there, I shan’t be impressed with our independence. #Monkoda,” he continues.

Many have in the past bemoaned the slow rate of growth of the arts and entertainment sector. While the biggest blame has been heaped on the government, there are also suggestions that the best way to revamp the sector is to encourage private investment.

In the meantime, the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture has promised to, in tandem with the manifesto promises of the ruling New Patriotic Party, develop the creative arts sector.

It has promised to build 9 theatres in 9 regions, set a fund for the sector, establish a copyright court to deal with copyright cases, among others.


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